H-Date Review

Herpes Single Dating: H-Date.com

H-Date claims to be the largest HPV dating site. While there is a lot of dispute over this fact there is little dispute that H-Date was the first absolutely free Herpes dating site on the Internet. This site does not have any bells or whistles and looks a bit old fashioned next to other dating sites, but it easy for people to register and and easy to navigate making it extremely user friendly.

The site does contain a lot of information regarding Herpes, which can valuable to those who have just been diagnosed with this STD so they can learn more about it.

However, when making your profile you have to give details regarding your STD and since the site does little to protect a users privacy this may make many potential users feel a bit uncomfortable about using the site.

Features of H-Date

H-Date has the basic features you would expect to find on any dating site and these features include:

  • Everyone has access to use all of the features of this site. Your ability to send or receive messages or do more in-depth searches are not limited to those paying more money. Since the site is free every user can avail themselves to each and every feature.
  • Built-in messaging allows you to communicate with other users online.
  • You can see who who is interested in profile.
  • You can get a look at the most popular users on the site.
  • H-date has both quick and advanced searches and can screen your searches based on a number of different criteria.
  • Polls on the site allows you to know what other people about certain topics, which can be helpful in getting to know other users.
  • The site offers support for those living with HPV as well as news related to this STD.

Prices of H-Date

  • Join and become a member of H-Date for free!

Advantages of H-Date

While H-Date lacks the features of many of the paid Herpes sites and may look a bit old fashioned it does have some advantages that are worth considering.

  • The site is absolutely free- Unlike sites that state they registration is free and lead you to believe that the site itself is free and then you discover that to use most of the features you need to pay a monthly membership fee, H-date is absolutely and totally free. There is no gold plan that you end up having to pay just to see if the site works. H-date allows you to all the feature the moment you join.
  • Easy to Navigate- H-Date is easy to navigate making it easy to use even if you are unfamiliar with other dating websites.
  • Free Email Alerts- You get free emails alerts letting you know when someone is interested enough in your to establish contact.

Disadvantages of H-Date

While H-Date strives to make dating for those with HPV affordable and easy it does have some drawbacks including:

  • There are only a small handful of users online at any one time.
  • Your chances of getting an actual date is quite limited
  • The site offers little privacy protection, which can be a worry

If you have herpes and are new to online dating and dread the thought of paying a monthly fee just to see how things goes, H-Date is a good option for those looking to get their feet wet.