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Over the past few decades, the available information for and the public opinion of HIV and AID has thankfully risen. They no longer stigmatized as heavily as they once were, but because there is that unnecessary stigma at all, it may make those who are HIV or AIDS positive reluctant to try and date. Not only is it true because of the stigma, but because, like it is in any healthy sexual relationship, disclosing your STD status, especially with HIV and AIDS, is a non-debatable issue that has to be dealt with, and the situation can be nerve wracking indeed. With HIV dating sites like, the disclosure can be gotten out of the way, so that you can get back to dating.

Features of is primarily a dating site for HIV women and HIV men with a positive status who are looking to connect with other singles living with HIV. The site operates in a similar way as other dating sites by starting off with the main questionnaire that most sites do. You disclose your gender, the gender of the person you are hoping to connect with, the age range you are looking for and the location you want to browse through. You can then get started with your search.

Advantages of

One of the features that makes stand out from the others is the fact that it is not just an HIV men dating site like the name suggests, nor is it strictly an HIV women dating site. In fact, while also being an HIV dating site, it is a site for HIV men and HIV women to connect and simply make friends if they wish. The site offers numerous HIV men support groups as well as groups and forums for HIV women support. is a safe place that is free from discrimination and opens up a forum for discussing issues surrounding the HIV diagnosis, medical treatment information or just for those looking to find community within the HIV community. The site offers inspirational stories and tales about treatment and even has a live counselor to help you if and when you need them. All of these features make far more than a simple dating site.

Disadvantages of

Because of all of the extra benefits that are available on, some may find it hard to locate people that are specifically there for dating, which may be counterproductive to the reason that they joined the site in the first place. You are also very limited in what you can do if you are not a premium member, which may make it hard to connect. For instance, you can only reply to messages sent by premium members instead of sending them yourself.

Gold Plans

By becoming a premium member of, you can send unlimited messages including initiating them. You can see more compatible matches and enjoy a more advanced search.

Find the perfect partner who is also living with HIV or AIDS through, a private, efficient site that will go above and beyond the call of duty to also provide you with the support you need to live comfortably with your diagnosis.