how to prevent herpes?

According to statistics, the number of people suffering from herpes continues to increase each year. Once herpes is contracted, the skin will itch and ache, even ulcers and exudates, and it will easily recur, and it will cause patients to lose confidence in treating herpes. Therefore, we should prevent herpes early.

1. Keep your skin clean and take a bath every day. You can wash it 2-3 times a day in hot weather. Dress appropriately and don’t sweat too much.

2. Enhance physical fitness and improve disease resistance. Should adhere to appropriate outdoor activities or participate in sports to enhance physical fitness and improve the body’s ability to withstand diseases.

3. Prevent infection. Infection is one of the causes of this disease, and infections of various diseases should be prevented, especially when watching the autumn season, cold and warm alternately, and clothes should be added and removed promptly to avoid upper respiratory eyebrow infection caused by cold. Also, oral and nasal inflammation should be actively treated.

4. Prevent trauma. Trauma can easily reduce the body’s resistance to disease and easily lead to the occurrence of this disease. Therefore, patients should take care to avoid trauma. Protect your skin from damage. Keep your clothes and bedding soft. Cut your nails frequently to avoid scratching the cuticle.

5. Avoid contact with toxic substances. Try to avoid contact with chemicals and toxic drugs to prevent skin damage, affect health, and reduce body resistance.

6. Improve nutrition. Should pay attention to the nutrition of the diet, eat more soy products, fish, eggs, lean meat, and other protein-rich treasures and fresh fruits and vegetables to make the body strong and prevent the occurrence of various diseases directly or indirectly related to the disease.

7. Avoid contact with people with skin infections. Wash your hands frequently.

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