MPWH Review

Herpes Dating Community for HSV Singles:MPWH

Dating when you have an STD such as herpes can be difficult. It is a very personal decision to disclose your status as a person with an STD, but it is necessary and crucial that you do so with a new partner, something that may leave you feeling reluctant and self-conscious when it comes to dating. Having access to other herpes singles who understand the difficulty that comes with living with herpes can really take some of the stress of disclosure off, and when you use an STD dating site, or a herpes dating site like MPWH, you can get back to all of the thrill and fun of dating without any of the anxiety over your status.

Features of MPWH

MPWH is an inclusive site that functions similarly to any other dating site out there, except it is geared toward herpes dating. Just like any average site, you input your gender, what gender you are hoping to meet, between what ages, and in what location. Then, you can locate other HSV singles by selecting which particular type of herpes it is that you live with. There is a more specific search feature once you enter that information, so that you can really look for the person that best suits you.

Advantages of MPWH

Unlike some other STD dating sites, MPWH is a site only for herpes dating. This way, when you use this site, you can be sure that you aren’t coming into contact with anyone you don’t want to that might have a different STD than what you live with. It offers a more personalized and secure dating experience that will leave no room for error when it comes to discussing some of the most private details about yourself. Not only this, but MPWH offers herpes support alongside its dating benefits. There are blogs and forums dedicated to letting those with herpes talk about themselves and learn more about other people living with the infection. The site covers everything from dating to sexual health and even offers advice and tips for managing the symptoms.

Disadvantages of MPWH

The main disadvantage that dating hopefuls might find is that the membership price for joining the site could be considered a bit high.


  • 1 month for $29.95 (about $1 per day)
  • 3 months for $59.95 ($19.95 every month)
  • 6 months for $95.95 ($15.95 every month)

Gold Plans

Some people find that paying the price is worth it. There doesn’t seem to be any elevated subscription plans that give you more benefits than any other person gets, so you are definitely getting the full scope of the site no matter who you are.

Dating with herpes doesn’t have to be frightening or impossible. By joining MPWH, you can get the disclosure out of the way straight away and get right onto finding an ideal partner like you would on any other dating site.