Women, 6 major hazards of genital herpes

Female genital herpes

If a woman has genital herpes, small fissures appear in the reproductive area, but it is easy to ignore them. With the development of the disease, there will be obvious pain in the genital area. At this time, you must go to the hospital for treatment to avoid causing harm to the body. So, what harm can female genital herpes have?

1. It causes brain-related diseases.

When the body is invaded by the herpes virus, patients may experience headaches or nausea, which will affect their normal diet and rest time. When the body’s resistance and immunity declines, the herpes virus enters the brain along with blood circulation, causing brain-related diseases. In severe cases, breathing may stop suddenly.

2. Intense pain.

Women’s genital herpes usually occurs around the cervix, vagina or anus, and may also radiate to the thighs. When herpes occurs, it can cause severe pain in women, increase the difficulty of urination, and even make women Depression.

3. Transmit herpes virus to newborns.

In general, the herpes virus is highly contagious and the virus may be transmitted directly to the newborn through the placenta. If the mother is infected with genital herpes for the first time, it will be directly transmitted to the newborn through the HSV virus. This infection can cause premature birth, fetal death, brain damage after the child is born, or a skin rash.

4. Increase women’s risk of HIV infection.

Speaking of AIDS, I believe everyone is no stranger, this is a disease that is difficult to cure. If women have genital herpes and do not actively cooperate with treatment, they will increase the risk of HIV infection. So once you find that you have genital herpes, you must treat it in time to prevent the virus from invading.

5. Cause systemic diseases.

Studies have shown that genital herpes virus easily invades the visceral nervous system, can cause urinary tract symptoms and gastrointestinal symptoms and can invade the pleura and peritoneum, and even effusions can cause irreversible damage to the body.

6. Causes women to develop cervical cancer.

The herpes virus infects the uterine cavity with the reproductive organs, which induces mutations in normal cells in the cervix and stimulates the growth of cancer cells. If the herpes virus is not treated, it is bound to cause cervical cancer.

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